Which Silk Pillowcase Is Best?

The use of silk pillowcases has increased in the past years, thanks to skin and haircare enthusiasts who discovered their innumerable benefits. Due to its popularity, many brands claim that they're offering silk pillowcases but use synthetic materials like satin, in reality, to bring down the cost. The silk we use at SPOTSTYL is authentic, certified & undergoes numerous quality checks to ensure you get the most trustworthy product that your hair & skin deserve.

Backed by science, recommended by dermatologists & loved by beauty enthusiasts, SPOTSTYL's 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcases are the best silk pillowcases you can get your hands on.

 Let's dive into the benefits of silk pillowcases:

 Prevents wrinkles & signs of ageing

 Silk is a naturally anti-absorbent & hypo-allergenic fabric which unlike cotton or synthetic satin doesn’t dry out your skin but instead retains your natural skin moisture allowing you to have wrinkle-free, younger and brighter-looking skin. Silk has a super smooth texture which allows skin to glide easily through the night without pulling or rubbing against it. Whether you like sleeping on your stomach or on your side, a silk pillowcase makes sure to protect your facial skin and not cause any damage to it. It also prevents sleep creases and fine lines. Silk is also hypoallergenic which naturally repels dirt and germs, making it a perfect match for people with sensitive skin.

Regulates your sleep temperature

Do you flip your pillow in the night to find the cool side of it? Well, sleeping on silk pillowcases can give you that cool and fresh feeling throughout the night without having to flip your pillow ever! Silk pillowcases are an effective way to stay comfortable in bed and enjoy a peaceful night of uninterrupted sleep. That’s right, real beauty sleep all night long! Silk’s temperature-regulating property keeps you cool in hot weather and cosy during winters.

Retain your skin’s moisture

If you have dry and dehydrated skin, try adding a silk pillowcase to your night-time skincare routine and you will see a visible difference in no time. Silk is a naturally anti-absorbent fabric that does not draw out and soak moisture from your skin. It helps keep the skin hydrated throughout the night which in turn also allows your expensive skincare products to work effectively. If you’ve always wanted to wake up with a glowing fresh face, make sure to add a silk pillowcase to the regime.

Prevents hairfall, split-ends & frizz

Say hello to damage-free, smooth, healthy hair! If all the amazing skin benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase made you go wow, then you’ll be happy to learn that along with beautiful skin, your hair is taken care of too. Silk’s luxurious properties benefit your hair greatly. Its strand-sensitive & gentle nature prevents frizziness, hair fall, split ends& tangles. Sleeping on silk also allows you to retain your blowouts & hair styling longer as it prevents your hair from creasing overnight.

At SPOTSTYL we offer the best silk pillowcases for your hair. Silk has smooth fibre weaves which reduces the friction between the fabric and your hair even when you toss and turn in your sleep. Silk can help restore your hair’s strength and moisture even for chemically-treated tresses..

 Resting your locks on a silk pillowcase will also benefit you with:

  • Hydrated hair
  • Lesser split ends and flayaways
  • No more hair breakage
  • Tangle and frizz-free hair
  • Healthier shinier locks


We owe it to our over 50,000 customers who have already tried our silk pillowcases and love them - they buy them repeatedly and have seen drastic changes in their hair and skin since they started using them.


Now that we know that SPOTSTYL's silk pillow covers are the answer to an ultimate hair and skincare routine, it's time you explore our range of Luxe Silk Mulberry Pillowcases for a great night’s sleep at www.spotstyl.com/collections/luxe-pure-silk-pillowcases