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Rs. 1,299

Treat your hair with love with SPOTSTYL Pure Silk Scrunchies! Hand-cut & sewn with 100% Pure Mulberry Silk, these luxurious day-to-night hair ties are designed to keep your hair feeling healthy & beautiful all day.

Pure Mulberry Silk doesn’t pull or tug, reduces friction on your hair, which prevents hair damage & split ends. Extra gentle, breakage free, anti-bed head, crease-free & no more dents; these Pure Silk Scrunchies are here to make sure you never have another bad hair day!

🎀 100% Pure Mulberry Silk
🎀 20 Momme Grade 6A Long Thread
🎀 Prevents Hair Damage & Split Ends
🎀 Wide Surface Area to Prevent Dents & Ridges
🎀 Extra Gentle on Delicate Hair & Breakage Free
🎀 Rich in Natural Protien Sericin & Amino Acids
🎀 Extra Soft Elastic to Avoid Pulling & Tugging
🎀 Pack Contains 3 Champagne Oyster Silk Scrunchies

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