Are silk scrunchies good for curly hair?

curly hair

Curly hair? Don’t care! Now that can be your mantra with SPOTSTYL 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Scrunchies. All of you with dense and frizzy curls would know that finding the right hair tie is not just any first world problem. It equals solving the mystery of the Bermuda triangle. You may wonder sometimes whether or not there is a hair accessory made for you and we’ve got an answer:

Let’s clear the mist about why silk scrunchies are not just good, but great, especially for curly hair!

black silk scrunchie

Silk Scrunchies are extra-gentle

Having extremely wavy or curly hair is great but maintaining their health is a challenge. Curly hair tends to tangle and get frizzy easily and regular hair ties’ tugging, pulling and friction make it worse. Silk Scrunchies are here as your saviour. Silk is an anti-friction material that does not cause any tension or pulling in the hair. It maintains its grip but also glides off easily without hurting the strands. Unlike a traditional hair tie, silk is great at preventing hair damage and is extra gentle on your wavy locks.

Silk retains moisture and keeps your curls glossy

Dehydrated hair is more prone to hair loss, breakage and overall damage. Curly hair loses moisture way more easily than straight hair owing to its natural texture and frizz. To keep your curls healthy, glossy and moisturized, it is important to switch the regular cotton ties with anti-absorbent silk scrunchies.

Cotton hair ties not only soak the moisture and leave hair dehydrated, but it also damages the hair by creating friction and tension in the strands. On the other hand, silk being an anti-absorbent natural textile does not absorb the moisture from the hair. Silk scrunchies are a must-have for curly dry hair to not just fight frizz and prevent damage but also keep your hair hydrated and healthy.

silk scrunchies

Silk Scrunchies won’t flatten your curls

Naturally curly hair is a blessing but maintaining the curls is a task. SPOTSTYL silk scrunchies allow you to bun up the hair at night without creasing, breakage or any discomfort. Made with fine elastane, our scrunchies distribute the grip easily and securely hold the hair without slipping and flattening the natural shape of the curls. Our 100% pure mulberry silk does not damage the hair so you can now twist, turn, and sleep without any fret!

Minimizes breakage & prevents split ends

93% of people in the world suffer from hair breakage at some point in their lives and the intensity of hair breakage is way more in people with curly dense hair. Our silk scrunchies are the only investment you need to make to minimize hair breakage. Silk is high in natural protein and essential amino acids. It strengthens the hair shaft and reduces hair breakage and split ends.

A great styling accessory

Hunting for accessories that are also non-damaging for the curls is difficult but a switch to silk scrunchies solves it all. Our 100% pure mulberry silk scrunchie comes in 3 different sizes and 6 beautiful shades, making it the perfect hair accessory. You can style the skinny with plaids, use the oversized for buns and the midi for a half updo. Our scrunchies look luxe and elegant and would beautifully compliment your wardrobe.

No kinks or dents

SPOTSTYL silk scrunchies are designed and hand-crafted with a wide surface area to ensure that even long hours of wear does not dent, kink or crease the hair. The scrunchies are also super stretchy to ensure zero dents for all hair types. Now, you can wear, sleep, and style your hair down without any unnecessary washes & risk of ruining freshly styled hair!

skinny scrunchies

Work hard or party harder; we got you!

Our scrunchies are built to support you & nurture your hair for whatever the day brings to you. Be it a heavy workout session, a college class, a date night, a slumber party or a brunch with your girls, we have a size and colour for you. SPOTSTYL scrunchies are sure to up your style game steep.

One Time Investment

Say goodbye to restocking the curl taming oils, leave-in conditioners and shampoos as you invest in our 100% pure mulberry silk scrunchies that will take your hair game up a serious notch. Get ready to prevent damage, creasing, breakage, frizz and split ends and enjoy healthy, glossy and manageable curls.

Shop now, thank later! Grab our super-luxe, elegant silk scrunchies in skinny, midi and oversized sizes today.