Prep your hair for fall with pure silk scrunchies

Fall is a beautiful season and an awaited break from the highly humid monsoon and scorching summers but it brings an array of hair woes with it. Experiencing sudden hair loss, static hair, dandruff and more during the fall season is pretty common for many people. Are you suffering from the same too? Here’s how you can prep your hair for fall in advance with the goodness of pure mulberry silk.

Silk scrunchies can be a saviour for your hair all year round, especially in dry fall weather. The low temperatures of fall and sudden loss of moisture in the air cause dryness on the scalp. It dehydrates the hair shaft and weakens them, causing the hair to break and fall drastically. Sudden changes in temperature and moisture levels also cause frizz which is an added con.

Silk scrunchies can come to your rescue here. Read on to learn about the science behind silk.

  1. Prevent hair fall
  2. Silk Scrunchies

    Although ample of things may lead to hair loss and hair fall the issue right before winters can be blamed on the sudden change of weather. The loss of moisture in the air weakens the hair shaft and leads to split ends and hair loss. Using a silk scrunchie after a moisturising shampoo and conditioning session can exponentially help in retaining the moisture in the locks. Silk, being an anti-absorbent fabric, works great at maintaining the high-gloss and moisturised look for longer than usual.

  3. Fight the static hair & frizz alike
  4. hair care scrunchies

    Hate the feeling of charged & frizzy hair each time you try taming your hair? Bid it goodbye with silk. Silk is a fine, natural and soft fabric that glides on and off the hair without causing any friction. Regular hair ties cause a lot of tension which lead to frizz and flyaways in the hair shaft in the long run. Silk with it’s natural anti-static qualities makes it a perfect fit to keep the hair frizz-free and manageable. It is gentle on the hair and results in approximately 43% lesser frizz when used regularly.

  5. Minimize the chances of an itchy & flaky scalp
  6. Silky Hair Scrunchies

    A lot of us have to deal with a flaky and itchy scalp in the colder months owing to dry weather and product build-up, but you can now turn that around with pure silk scrunchies. Silk has anti-absorbent properties and does not draw out the natural moisture in the hair. It also doesn’t absorb natural scalp oils required to maintain the health of the hair, leaving the scalp feeling optimally greased and healthy.

  7. Repair hair damage and dehydration together
  8. fashionable Scrunchies

    Chemically laden product and heat styling tools can often leave the hair damaged, especially and visibly more during the fall since the hair is ripped off the natural moisture and gloss. This damage can be reversed sustainably with silk scrunchies. Silk is a natural weave that is rich in 18 essential amino acids and the hair protein, Sericin. It builds strength in the hair shafts, keeps the hair frizz-free, does not cause any tension and maintains optimum moisture at all times.

  9. Get back the gloss & lustre
  10. silky smooth hair with scrunchies

    Do you too miss the glass-like shine in your hair during winters? Well, it’s time to get it back with silk scrunchies. Silk Scrunchies are known to reduce water loss from hair allowing them to stay hydrated and look glossy all the time. It retains the hair moisture and keeps the hair frizz-free for a radiant and lustrous look. So adapt your hair to use silk scrunchies before the winter winds set in and worsen your concerns. 

Silk is beauty’s best-kept secret and for all the right reasons. It is loaded with hair benefits that no temporary salon visit can achieve. Switch to silk and invest in ever-lasting quality & care for your hair.