The ultimate night-time hair care routine

Winter is coming, and you cannot wait but prep for upgraded night-time care your hair will need. As much as one likes cold months, it brings along a lot of skin and hair woes attached. With that being prevented in the first place, it is the season of joy.

Here is how you must tweak your night-time hair care regime to keep your locks healthy & glossy.


Daily Hair CareInvest in a humidifier: An effective way to fight dry hair in the winter is by using a humidifier. Artificial and cold weather leads to air becoming very dry and moisture robbing. Humidifiers can help rehydrate the air to keep your locks moisturised and lustrous.

humidifierSwitch to silk: To revive strength and repair the damage that the entire day of hard work causes, make sure you keep your hair tied and well in place. Adapt to silk scrunchies today. Cotton or any mixed fabric can cause friction in the hair and rob it of moisture. Invest in Spotstyl Silk Scrunchies & experience actual beauty sleep.
These scrunchies are hypoallergenic, known to prevent split-ends, frizz, bedhead and hair fall. Silk being anti-absorbent is also a great pick for hair to maintain moisture and prevent dehydration and dryness, which further leads to dandruff & hair loss.

Detangle before bedDetangle before bed: It is extremely important to detangle your hair from the scalp to roots before hitting the bed. This helps the natural oils to distribute evenly across the hair and also reduces the friction that can be caused overnight. Making night hair brushes a habit can also reduce morning hair fall.

overnight hair serumInvest in an overnight hair serum: Hair serums work great at moisturising the hair strands without making the tresses and scalp oily or greasy. It rejuvenates the hair shafts and boosts growth. Serums also help one wake up frizz-free in the morning.

hair vitaminsPop the pills: It is very important for us to intake substantial amount of vitamins and minerals to upkeep our skin and hair health. So make sure you pop your multivitamins before bed or as suggested by your dermatologist to ensure good hair.


Oil your tressesOil your tresses: Cold season can wreak havoc on the hair. Make sure you restore moisture with an effective and leave-in formula. We recommend you try argan oil to revitalize and replenish your lifeless & dull hair overnight. Always ensure that you oil clean scalp and hair. You can also heat the oil for a few seconds for easy application and a more relaxed night.

overnight hair maskingMake intensive overnight masking a habit: Apart from weekly oiling nights, you must also use a deep conditioning mask to repair the damaged hair. Overnight masks are great for preventing dandruff caused due to product build-up & dryness. These masks are also loaded with nutrients, protein and essential amino acids that are vital for good hair health.

beddingChange your bedding: No matter how hygienic your living practices may be, make sure you change your bedding at least once/twice every week. Not changing them when required or often lead to static hair, which damages the hair and makes it frizzy.
Bonus Tip: Don’t miss out on trims! Getting a hair trim every six to eight weeks is a great way to maintain hair health and keep your locks looking fresh. Go for a half-inch off or chop them to your liking, you must make a habit of not skipping haircuts/trims. This allows the hair ends to stay healthy and prevents split ends.