Cotton, Satin Or Silk; Which Scrunchie Is Best For You?

Scrunchies have taken over 2021 by storm and not only are they back in trend but back for real good. And guess what, we’re lovin’ it!

We have all owned (and lost!) countless number of scrunchies for long but have you ever paid heed to how does the fabric & quality of your scrunchie affects your hair?

Did you know that one loses more hair from tugs, pulls and dehydration caused due to tight elastics and poor fabric quality than any other reason? While some scrunchies are better than the others, here’s an easy guide to which scrunchies are best for you:


cotton scrunchies

Cotton scrunchies are the most common type of scrunchies that float in the market and we all have used them atleast once only to learn they aren’t the most comfortable!

Cotton is a quick absorbent fabric, that sucks the moisture and sebum out of the hair leaving them dry & dehydrated.

Though cotton feels light, it is quite loosely woven, leaving more room for penetration for dust, creating higher chances of your hair being exposed to damaging particles.

Regular cotton scrunchies also have a tight elastic band which is another no-no for a scrunchie. You must take into account that dry and brittle hair is more like to break and get damaged. Tighter elastic bands than usual cause tugging and pulling of the hair and do not glide off easily, causing more hair breakage daily.

A cotton scrunchie is the way to frizzy, tangled tresses, no matter the thread count & quality.


satin scrunchies

Satin is made of a synthetic weave and not a natural fiber which right away puts it down in comparison as it is a mix of other fabrics like rayon, polyester & mixed silk. Even charmeuse satin is a man-made form of luxury fabric; it is weaved using fine quality polyester.

Satin scrunchies may look glossier and have some sheen but the benefits are equal to its invisible dull side. Satin is cheaper in comparison to silk and so are the results expected out of satin scrunchies. Satin scrunchies are glossy & shiny but not all that glitters is gold!

Though satin is anti-absorbent, it does not offer any benefits for hair health due to its weave and construction. Satin scrunchies also do not stay well enough on the hair due to their extremely slippery texture. They glide off and lose their grip after a few uses.

Satin scrunchies are also prone to snags, thread pulls and surface abrasions, thus they require high maintenance. These scrunchies require only dry cleaning and labour-intensive care for a long shelf life.

Since satin is a mix of other materials, it brings a lot of scepticism in terms of quality for example, polyester satin tends to be very shiny, synthetic satin does not breathe well, most are super slippery & can absorb heat.


silk scrunchies

While cotton and satin do not have much to offer, one can’t get enough of silk scrunchies. Silk is a great variant and fabric for scrunchies as it has ample benefits to offer for your hair.

Since silk is a natural fiber, it is loaded with natural protein Sericin and 18 essential amino acids which are great for the health of the hair. Silk scrunchies are made using 100% Pure Mulberry Silk which is the key reason to invest in them.

Owing to the natural protein filament, silk is also hypoallergenic, making it a great pick for everyone with sensitive skin, hair and scalp. Silk also reduces the friction between the hair as it is gentle on the hair and strand sensitive. It is also anti-absorbent, leaving the hair optimally moisturised and glossy.

Pure silk scrunchies do not tug, pull, or tangle the tresses, resulting in less hair breakage and hair loss. They glide off easily and prevent split ends with ease.

Apart from this, pure silk scrunchies do not leave any kinks, creases or dents like regular hair ties. The wide surface elastane used in silk scrunchies assure that you can let down your hair when needed without a fret. Made with 20 Momme 6A Thread Count, our 100% pure mulberry silk scrunchies are just the investment you need to make for your hair.

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