How To Perfect Your Summer Hair Care Regime

Between the seasons round the year, dealing with the summer sun & keeping your hair cared for is a pretty unachievable task for many. The summer sun has all the power to damage your beautiful tresses within just a few minutes. Those beautiful lustrous locks lose gloss in a blink of an eye. Are you on the lookout for summer hair care tips that work? Read on!

According to experts, the summer sun gives off harmful rays that rip the natural moisture from the hair, leaving it dehydrated and damaged, especially chemically treated hair. Here are 10 Summer Hair Care Hacks for you to try:

Buy yourself a hat and a scarf 

hat and a scarf

Covering your hair makes the most sensible decision when stepping out in scorching heat. Not only can a hat/scarf save your hair from serious damage but they also look very cute and vogue. Invest in a pure silk scarf for additional benefits and protect your hair.

Befriend a nutritionally rich hair mask 

nutritionally rich hair mask

There’s nothing a nourishing mask cannot do. Use a hair mask at least once a week to coax your hair into great condition to fight the heat and harmful rays effectively. A mask moisturizes the hair deeply and also helps it recover from any damage caused.

One knows their hair and its requirements the best. If you are someone who does not like to splurge on chemically loaded hair products then this DIY hair mask can be a great option for you.

Mix half a bowl of mashed avocados with 100% pure olive oil and honey. Work it into a thick paste. Apply it from the roots until the ends and work it through the hair with your fingers and leave it for an hour. Make sure your hair is washed and clean before applying this mask.

Use a more hydrating shampoo & conditioner 

hydrating shampoo & conditioner

A lot of us don’t pay attention to the fact that our hair needs a different formula for summers and winters. The same kind of shampoo and conditioner does not suffice the protein and moisture requirement of the hair. So, swap with an SPF loaded shampoo for some serious moisturizing and condition well too. If you are persistent with your hair care, then add a hydrating serum or oil to your regime.

Book an appointment at the salon

appointment at the salon

No matter how much to take care of your hair, it needs some professional salon care every once in a while, especially in the hot season. Book yourself a high-tech conditioning session at your salon and show your hair some extra TLC. Salon care offers the quickest way to control the damage and unwanted frizz.

Use sun cream & a protein spray 

a protein spray

Ever heard of suncream? Well, it’s time to get one. Sun rays can damage your hair to an extent that cannot be reversed. Just like you do not need direct sun to apply sunscreen, the same goes for suncream. Sun cream protects your hair against UV rays, dust, pollution and extreme heat. One should also use a protein spray after each wash to let the bonds absorb the nutrition and stay healthy.

Leave the heat styling tools alone

heat styling tools

You now know that the sun heat alone is capable of damaging your hair enough and so you need not top it up with artificial tools. Styling your hair with extreme heat can further dehydrate and weaken the hair, making it more prone to irreversible damage.

Switch to pure silk scrunchies and pillowcases

pure silk scrunchies

Pure Mulberry Silk has been scientifically proven to improve hair and skin health. It is known to fight frizz, prevent split ends, promote healthy hair growth and keep the skin hydrated and glowing. Try our best-selling The Jewel Collection Silk Scrunchies, known for their hydrating and hypoallergenic nature, our scrunchies won’t kink and will also keep your hair optimally moisturized in the summer season.

Trim your hair regularly

hair trim

Summer is the season to don a short haircut since the hair tips often suffer from dryness and split ends. A trim or hair cut every two months is ideal to bring back life to the hair and help your hair in looking & feeling healthy.

Co-wash your hair

Cowash hair

Everyone wishes to shampoo their hair every single day in summer owing to the heat, sweat and oily scalp but doing so every day isn’t a good idea. Whereas, co-washing is a great technique where you rinse your hair, condition the strands and rinse again. It omits the use of shampoo every day but cleanses and replenishes the hair equally well.

Use a microfiber towel

microfiber towel
Using a towel roughly to dry your hair can cause major friction, leading to more hair breakage and loss. This also increases the frizz in the hair. Try swapping your regular towel to a microfiber towel. Make sure you do not even rub your hair but gently scrunch them up.