Silk pillowcases have gained a lot of attention in 2022 and rightly so. All the celebrities, beauty experts, dermatologist & hair stylists are raving about them. This game-changing beauty pick deserves all the applaud and we will tell you why.

Silk is loaded with amino acids, hair protein, and properties such as hypo-allergenic, anti-absorbent, anti-bedhead, anti-sleep crease, and more. It offers many skin and hair benefits that will sweep the floor off your feet.



Healthy, glowing & youthful skin

Amino acids are integral for our skin’s health. They are the building blocks required for collagen and peptide production which keeps the skin firm, glowing and healthy. Silk is naturally loaded with these amino acids.

The principal amino acids in Silk are glycine, alanine, and serine. Apart from this, it is also enriched majorly in tyrosine naturally. Highly beneficial to skin and hair, silk amino acids are highly hygroscopic and have excellent moisture binding ability.

They also help reduce fine lines and eliminate signs of aging. The amino acids found in these specific protein molecules also rejuvenate skin tone, reduce wrinkles, and hydrate skin tissues; giving you healthy and glowing skin.

Some amino acids also do the job of helping your skin to reproduce its own antioxidants. Whether produced internally or applied topically, amino acids help maintain the skin’s resilience and healthy appearance. They also protect skin from free-radical damage and reduce signs of ageing exponentially.


Lustrous & Healthy Tresses

Not just skin, silk is also the secret to lustrous and healthy locks. The amino acids in silk make up 90% of protein which is just what your hair needs to stay strong and healthy. We all know that keratin is responsible for hair strength and structure. And silk protein reinforces the locks with the power of cysteine which is needed to produce more keratin.

Silk protein also possesses the ability to retain water which further infuses the hair with moisture and reverses the damage. It softens the hair strands and promotes healthy hair growth, thanks to its molecular size. It also has great film-forming properties and it coats the fiber in the hair shafts that protect keratin. It improves the texture of the hair by infusing moisture in them and preventing frizz and dryness. Even in a dryer climate, silk does not let the hair lose its moisture and keeps the hair optimally moisturized and strong.
Cannot wait to try the silk pillowcases already? Here’s how to pick one.

It is important to note that silk comes in a wide variety but the one suitable for pillowcases is PURE MULBERRY SILK. Make sure you only buy 100% pure 6A Grade Silk Pillowcase. Go for 22 Momme Silk which is considered to be the best in quality for pillowcases. SPOTSTYL offers great quality silk pillowcases in 7 beautiful shades complementing your bedding. Shop them now at & unveil natural beauty.