Cotton Pillowcase VS Silk Pillowcase; Which is a better choice?

Do you struggle to attain that good 8 hours of beauty sleep that claims to do wonders? Are your expensive skincare products failing to work the magic? Tired of bedhead mornings? Well, it’s time you realize that your pillowcase has a big role to play.

The choice of pillow cover textile is known to affect your skin, hair, and sleep substantially. One should choose pillowcases wisely and thoughtfully. While the choice of cotton and silk pillowcase is well debated, let’s learn what they have to offer.

Can a silk pillowcase help prevent frizz & bedhead?

Cotton is light but absorbent fabric that soaks in all the natural oil from the scalp, leaving the hair frizzy & rough while silk is naturally anti-absorbent. Silk does not cause any friction and lets the hair glide on the pillowcase without causing any frizz. It also prevents tugging and pulling exponentially.

silk pillowcase

Is a silk pillowcase safe for sensitive skin?

Silk is scientifically proven to be hypoallergenic. It is safe for all skin types and does not cause any allergies. It is also a tightly woven fabric with a cloud-like texture that prevents penetration of dust, bacteria, et cetera. It is a much safer surface to lay your skin on silk than on cotton which attracts dust mites and aggravates the allergies.

Silk pillowcase

Can a silk pillowcase keep the skin hydrated?

Hydration is key to youthful and glowing skin. Dehydrated skin does not only make one look tired but also leads to the early onset of wrinkles and fine lines. Cotton pillowcases absorb the natural moisture from the skin leading to dull and dry skin while silk is loaded with essential amino acids that further enrich the skin without absorbing any moisture. Silk also keeps the hair strands hydrated and looking glossy.

Is silk anti-aging?

Only a smooth surface can prevent signs of aging. Cotton is known to cause friction every time you toss and turn which leads to sleep wrinkles while the smooth texture of silk helps prevent the same. Silk can reduce wrinkles and improve the appearance of the skin. Less absorption by your pillowcase means those pricey anti-aging serums stay put and work the magic.

silk pillowcase

Does a silk pillowcase help reducing split-ends?

Cotton does not help in preventing split-ends or offer any additional benefits. Whereas, the slippery texture of silk prevents tangles, frizz and split-ends by strengthening the hair with natural protein, Sericin. Silk is also great for promoting healthy hair growth.

Can a silk pillowcase prevent & fight acne?

The choice of pillowcase fabric plays a vital role for acne-prone skin. Silk pillowcases cause less friction and prevent flare-ups. The anti-absorbent properties of silk are known to fight active acne and reduce inflammation while cotton pillowcase absorbs the healthy natural oil and worsens the skin condition.

Is a silk pillowcase temperature-regulating?

Yes, silk is known to regulate the temperature and keep the skin and scalp calm. Silk regulates heat and keeps one cool on hot summer days. It is gentle on the skin and lets one enjoy the beauty sleep.

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