6 reasons why you must invest in a silk pillowcase right away!

A good night's sleep is just what one needs to wake up fresh & calm. If you are also looking for something to up your night skincare & sleep game then you must invest in SPOTSTYL’s silk pillowcase right away. Loaded with countless benefits to offer, it is the IT product you need in 2022.

A silk pillowcase is a necessary luxury that every skincare aficionado needs to own. Let’s see what makes a silk pillowcase so precious.

silk pillowcase

No More Hair loss, breakage & frizz

Silk is the secret to smooth, frizz-free & healthy hair. It helps reduce the friction while one sleeps & lets the hair glide smoothly without causing any tangles or breakage. Silk is also anti-absorbent which lets the hair stay hydrated & glossy, which ensures No bad hair days. Rolling out of a bed after sleeping on silk results in zero frizz, no hair loss, no pulls/tugs & a happy scalp!

silk pillowcases

Hypoallergenic & safe for all skin types

Are you tired of irritated skin, redness & rashes on your face early in the morning? It’s time to switch to silk. The smooth texture of silk does not irritate the skin or absorb the natural moisture from it, thus keeping it smooth and hydrated at all times.

Silk fabric is also closely woven and so, it does not allow any penetration to take place, which keeps allergens like dust mites, fungus, or mould away from your skin.

Anti-absorbent & hydrating

Is your regular pillow cover stripping off your natural oils & the power of your valuable skincare products? Look no further & invest in our 100% pure mulberry silk pillowcase right away! If you are conscious about the way you take care of your skin then a silk pillowcase is unmissable for you. Silk is naturally anti-absorbent & does not soak any product, rather enriches the skin with amino acids. Using a silk pillowcase every time you sleep results in youthful and supple skin.

Ultimate Anti-aging Product

Do you sleep with the constant worry of waking up to sleep crease? Do you fret these sleep creases develop wrinkles sooner than ever? Get yourself a silk pillowcase and thank us later! Silk has a soft, cloud-like texture that is gentle on the skin. It prevents sleep creases, wrinkles, fine lines & crow’s feet. It also keeps the skin hydrated and glowing.

Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Acne

Silk is a great option for everyone with acne-prone skin as it ceases your skin to come in contact with any acne-causing bacteria. It is gentle and anti-bacterial. It does not irritate any active acne & also reduces inflammation and redness. Added to a proper routine, silk pillowcases can do wonders.

silk pillowcase

Perfect for all seasons

Silk pillowcases can be an effective way to stay beautiful all year round. Silk is temperature regulating and a natural heat controller. It keeps the skin cool when it's hot and comfortably warm in the colder season. The moisture-repelling properties of silk paired with the breathable weaving help get their essential beauty sleep every single time.

A silk pillowcase is not just another buy but an investment towards a more beautifying slumber. This pillowcase may seem to be a small change but offers a huge impact on your skin & hair health. So up your sleep hygiene with our 100% pure mulberry silk pillowcase today & age backward. Once you use it, there’s no going back. Don’t trust us, try yourself!

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