Do silk scrunchies prevent hair loss & frizziness?

silk scrunchies

Frizz & hair loss are two of the most common hair woes experienced by 84% of people worldwide. We all juggle between treatments & products to counter the same & achieve smooth, healthy hair. What if we told you that you can now have healthy, glossy & frizz-free hair with just one product?

Silk is proven to be beauty’s best-kept secret & experts like Justin Marjan (hairstylist for Khloe Kardashian & Ashley Graham), Jessica Diner (Beauty Director), and more swear by the magic of this textile.

Scrunchies made a comeback in 2021 & they are here to stay forever. Made with the highest grade of mulberry silk, these scrunchies are crafted with 22 Momme silk & have been reimagined as a transformational hair care product. These scrunchies are a great bet to resolve hair loss & frizz problems. Let’s see how!

goodbye frizz


Elastic hair ties can cause a lot of tension on the hair which can lead to frizz and flyaway in the hair shaft in the long run. Silk having natural anti-static qualities here make a perfect pick to keep the hair frizz-free and manageable.

Silk scrunchies are extra gentle on the hair and they do not cause any friction owing to their natural cloud-like texture. Silk is also an anti-absorbent fabric that makes it easier for the hair shafts to retain optimum moisture & stay hydrated, thereby, lessening the chances of dryness induced split-ends & frizz.

no more hair loss


Using hair elastics or basic hair ties is harmful to hair health. The tight grip of these ties leads to tangles, pulls, unnecessary combing, frizz & hair breakage on an everyday basis. These hair ties also cause friction leading to static, lifeless & weak hair.

However, silk is loaded with 18 essential amino acids & hair protein, sericin, which promotes healthy hair growth & strengthens the hair from within. As it is super gentle, it glides off easily from the hair without causing any tugs or pulls, preventing hair breakage & loss.

Unlike regular scrunchies, silk scrunchies prevent tangles, keep the hair hydrated & reverse any environmental damage only to minimize further hair loss and breakage. It also does not allow any bacteria, dust, pollution to penetrate the scalp & acts as a savior against damage.


Irrespective of your hair type, silk scrunchies treat all kinds alike and caress the hair with love and the multiple benefits it has to offer. Apart from preventing frizz & hair loss, these scrunchies:
- Maintain optimal moisture
- Cause no dents/creases
- Minimise bedhead mornings
- Reverse hair damage
- Prevent hair breakage
- Suit sensitive scalp
- Prevent split-ends
- Promote healthy hair growth
- Regulate temperature & resist sweat

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