Are silk scrunchies better for your hair?

A hundred per cent! Silk has been known to be the beauty secret for ages & it offers various benefits to each. Silk is derived from nature; it is loaded with amino acids and nutrients that are great for skin and hair alike. It is the ideal fabric choice for any hair accessory. Let’s see what exactly a silk scrunchie has to offer.

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Here are the top 10 reasons why silk scrunchies are BETTER!

  1. Silk scrunchies are extra gentle

100% Pure Mulberry Scrunchies are hair-loving, strand-sensitive & super gentle. They do not create any tension in the hair shaft while tied or during removal, leaving your hair healthy & manageable. They also glide off easily and minimize tangles & hair breakage.

  1. Silk is nutrient-rich & naturally hypo-allergenic

Silk is derived from nature & it brings with it the power of 18 essential amino acids, nutrients & the miraculous hair protein, sericin. It is naturally hypoallergenic & promotes healthy skin and hair. Regular use of silk hair scrunchies is proven to improve hair texture, add lustre to the hair & maintain hair health optimally.

  1. Silk scrunchies are hypo-allergenic & safe for all hair types

Regular cotton or satin hair ties are just an accessory while silk scrunchies double up as a hair care product. Owing to its nutrient-rich nature, these scrunchies promote healthy hair growth & reverse the damage gradually. They are also hypo-allergenic which makes them a great fit for even those with a sensitive scalp. Using silk scrunchies regularly can be your secret to great, glossy & strong hair.

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  1. Silk scrunchies prevent hair loss & split-ends

As experienced women, we all can attest that cotton scrunchies or basic hair elastics soak moisture, cause pulls and lead to hair breakage & split-ends; while silk scrunchies slip out gently & retain moisture in the hair. Silk scrunchies strengthen the hair strands with nutrients & minimize the water loss from the strands to prevent hair loss & let the hair stay hydrated, healthy & glossy.

  1. Silk scrunchies prevent creases & dents in your hair

No matter how loose you tie your hair with a regular scrunchie or hair tie, you always end up with unsightly dents and creases. However, our silk scrunchies are extra gentle and soft on the hair. The wide surface area & fine quality 6A long thread silk allows the wearer to grip their hair in as many loops as comfortable without a fret about dents or creases.

  1. No frizz and bed-head

Waking to bedhead is a nightmare one does not wish upon anyone. Regular hair ties can be harsh on the hair and leave the hair dehydrated and frizzy. Here is where the super accessory, silk scrunchies, come into play. Silk scrunchies are anti-absorbent and strand-sensitive. They prevent frizz and bad hair days all year round. Wearing them overnight ensures that one sleeps their way to crease-free, smooth & softer hair.

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  1. No pulls, tugs & hair tension

Basic hair ties and elastics are very hard to take off & one often struggles while removing them, which leads to tangles, pulling, hair breakage & tension in the hair shafts. This is also known to induce hair tie headaches, hair breakage and weakening. On the contrary, our 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Scrunchies are super soft and gentle. They come off easily and do not cause any tension and tugs in the hair.

  1. Silk scrunchies are the perfect day-to-night companion

Our pure mulberry silk scrunchies made with 20 Momme 6A grade silk can be worn from day-to-night, with any outfit from a casual tee and blazer to a cute dress. It amps up each outfit in its own special way. Our silk scrunchies look luxe, elegant and come in 6 beautiful shades (Mocha Gold, Dusky Noir, Sapphire Blue, Champagne Oyster, Starry Silver and Rose Pink) and 3 different sizes (Skinny, Midi and Oversized). Style and match them to your outfits as you bun up, braid down or play with half up hair.

  1. Approved & recommended by dermatologists & hair experts

A hair tie is just another hair accessory but a silk scrunchie is recommended & trusted by hair experts and doctors. Silk scrunchies are scientifically tested to benefit the hair. They minimize hair loss, prevents hair breakage, reduce frizz & split-ends, promotes healthy hair & do much more than one can imagine.


  1. Makes a perfect gift for multiple occasions

Unlike the basic cotton hair tie, silk scrunchies are luxe & make a great gift for every girl. They look & feel great & come in beautiful color combinations perfect for the day or night. Explore our exclusive collection of 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Scrunchies collection now at!