This ingredient in silk Scrunchies is all you need for healthy hair

Winter frizz, dehydrated scalp, static hair, split-ends & hair fall may have one question universe the ultimate secret of healthy, glossy & voluminous hair. Well, if you are the one raising the hand too, then your search ends here.

The key to healthy & great hair is nothing but amino acids present in silk aka silk protein (sericin). Amongst the various supplements that are considered to be good, amino acids top the chart.

Silk Scrunchies

What is the deal with Silk Amino Acids?

Amino acids are the building blocks of polypeptides and proteins, which are essential building blocks for hair growth.

Keratin, the protein that makes up 95% of hair is made up of over 18 types of amino acids, which are present in silk naturally. Amino acids are crucial to almost every tissue, including the hair. As we all know, the most common cause of every hair woe is protein deficiency and that’s where the silk amino acids come to play.

Also known as silk protein, sericin, silk amino acids are protein molecules that bind the fibres of the silk naturally. Sericin is extremely rich in the said 18 essential amino acids. Owing to the naturally nutrient-rich characteristic of silk, it is known to enhance hair as well as skin health. The specific amino acids found in silk are proven to strengthen hair bonds. They hydrate the strands, reduce static hair and frizz and also help in reversing environmental damage.

How do Silk Amino Acids contribute to hair health?

As the silk amino acids (sericin) comes in contact with the hair, it starts binding the hair shafts and strands stronger. Since there is no scientific evidence of naturally and freely occurring keratin in hair strands, it compensates externally and improves hair health. Silk also consists of sulphur amino acids such as methionine which helps with managing dandruff by reducing skin cell build-up as well as offering antimicrobial properties. Silk amino acids also create a protective layer on the hair to prevent further damage and improve the overall appearance of the hair.

Hair accessories crafted with silk such as SPOTSTYL silk scrunchies have a positive impact on all hair types and textures. From curly to coily hair textures, benefit from silk amino acids, like sericin, as it is highly moisturizing. So get your silk scrunchies pack today & witness a hair transformation.

It is also advisable to assist your hair transformation journey with a diet filled with amino acids, to truly achieve optimum scalp and hair health from the inside out.


  • Silk Amino Acids contain 18 different amino acids - the most predominant are serine, aspartic acid, and glycine
  • Silk Amino Acids help with the hair recovering process and also help to prevent hair loss, frizz, split ends and more.
  • Our silk scrunchies are made with the finest 22 Momme 6A grade silk that is obtained from the most reliable manufacturers in India. 
  • Our silk scrunchies are known to be gentle on the hair. They do not cause any friction or tension in the hair, which further prevents tangles and hair breakage.